Monday, January 30, 2006

Starting anew

It is strange that for me New Year's resolutions have never been something I've held onto, and this year apart from being awake for the new year I didn't even really celebrate it. But what I have found recently is that there are more appropriate times for change - such as now - when my wife (who needs a good internet name!) is starting the new school year and we are having to wake up early again we are taking the opportunity to change our routine. For instance we are sacrificing half and hour in the morning (yes getting up earlier) so that we can both take Mr Flynn out for his daily walk.

I was also thinking today - perhaps associated with the subsequent lack of sleep - that I make a few changes in the way I do things - one is to try and spend less time in computer related activities and spend more time thinking and being creative. Hence this blog... it is a new start when the old one ( failed - I didn't quite have the creative output I thought I did, to turn my thoughts into a story... at least on a regular basis. So I'm trying this out, and we'll see where we go.

So I'm starting anew - and at the probably more appropriate time for us southern hemisphere people who have a break over Christmas, since there is normally no routine until about this time of year.

Last point - the title of this blog is a tribute to McG who once said that getting anything remotely personal out of me was 'like getting blood out of a stone'. Hopefully there'll be a little of me showing through.


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