Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New name and lost dogs

Ok... so I haven't had much luck blogging yet... but it is time to try again. So with a fresh name, and a new start we shall begin. Rule the page, and put my name at the top.

Welcome to 'The Third Drawer'

If you check the description you'll see why it holds such a name. But to give a bit of an aim for this... well I shall be writing whatever I feel like here, some useful, some not, some descriptive, some explorative (that word isn't in Firefox's dictionary... so if I'm the first to use it - well done me)... basically a bit of everything that I have in my third drawer.

Now to tell a little story:
So I'm just sitting here... when I should be getting ready for work... with a slight headache, but an amazing weight lifted from my shoulders... which is currently sitting next to me huffing.
Yes, I had that good practice for parenthood. I was walking my dog as I do every morning, down to the nearby school ovals where I let him off his lead and he diligently follows me around and our regular route of the 3 ovals. Sometimes he'll lag behind and I have to call him and (if he is being obedient) he will run and catch up to me. However today he was following me fairly closely, and as usual I was walking through the brief stretch of trees (thinking about our friends new baby - congrats j, s & g, and welcome to the world brjb), keeping on eye on the boxer in front of us. I passed through the stand of trees and turned to check where Flynn was... and I couldn't see him. Now this isn't normally a worry so after whistling for him, I continued on for a little bit, and turned and looked for him again. To cut a long story short, in the space of maybe a minute he had disappeared.
Anyway I started the search for him, wandering through the trees whistling and calling for him. He had completely disappeared. Panic started to set in and I (not wanting to looked stressed) started wandering relatively aimless back and forth around the two ovals he must have been on. I prayed to find him, and fought back the tears, started to wonder if I had been half asleep when I left and actually forgotten to bring him, and eventually concluded that he must have been stolen - it was the only way he could have disappeared so quickly.
I kept wandering and decided I should head home to check if he was there before jumping in the car and driving the nearby streets to see if he had decided to visit a neighbourhood dog... still trying to remain calm and in control... and fighting back the tears. About 2 houses away from home I heard a yip (he is learning not to bark and hasn't learnt the difference between his two red collars yet!)... and started running. There he was sitting on the front mat where he had been for a while. Thank God and what a naughty boy! It was one of those moments where you want to smack them and hug them at the same time...
After laughing at me, and consoling me, my wife quipped 'Its all good practice for being a dad - I'm sure one day we'll lose our kid and have to find him'.

So I'm sure after a few therapy sessions I'll recover. But for now I should get up and get on with my day. Time to feed the naughty dog!