Thursday, April 27, 2006

Habit and Discipline

Well I'm going to try again. It is strange the cycles I try and bring myself into, but so rarely do I stop to think any more. I was reading a website ( which looks like it (at least started from) a uni group. It reads in the description about 286 generation as follows:

"... Each statement is built around the central value of living for the glory of God. Following each declaration statement is a prayer, emphasizing that the pursuit of these commitments is a process as well. Each prayer calls us to a greater dependence on the inside work of God to transform our desires into realities. This kind of thinking represents a significant shift away from that of promising God what we are going to do for him, as thought we could successfully accomplish such promises in our own strength, ..."

That last statement is so true. Some people have the self discipline, but not me, all I can hope for is the ability to take the small steps and get into the habit of something to keep me going in my own strength. Habits are useful, but the fear I always have is that it then becomes something done out of habit only, and it loses its meaning. The cry of my heart is to fill me with the desire to serve God faithfully, Lord give me the strength to carry on longer than the echos of the cry.